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RuHello! I’m Ruxandra, but you can call me Ru. I came to the UK 2 years ago, in order to study a Masters in International Business and Enterprise. I am extremely happy that I get to coordinate this ambitious team. I am looking forward to talking to you, so you can tell me about your problems, and I will proceed accordingly so you get the maximum of satisfaction from your visit in Romania. Also, I can offer you advice, especially since I have personally tried most of the treatments and I know their efficiency, myself being a big fan of anti-ageing, toning and relaxation treatments. I will show you that Romania is an oasis of health.


CatalinHello! I'm Catalin, I finished Pharmaceutical Science and now I'm studying a Masters in Marketing. I've been living in the UK for the past 5 years, during which I understood that British people pay an exquisite amount of attention to natural treatments and that's why I decided to help you discover the most benefic places, in Romania, for your health. I will spend my time making you the most advantageous and personalized offers, based on the afflictions that you suffer from. I will explain you all of the opportunities that you can benefit from by visiting Romania and I give you tips for an amazing holiday. I'm looking forward to meeting you!


LorinHello! My name is Lorin and I finished the Medical School. I am here to recommend you the right place where you can treat your ailments. I would like to ensure that your condition will significantly improve at the end of our treatment. And because we talk about vacation, I will recommend you the places where you can, besides getting treatment, have an amazing experience and loads of fun. In Romania you can have everything during an extraordinary holiday.


AndreeaHello! My name is Andreea and I will be leading the guide team from Romania. I have studied English and Spanish, and my passions are geography and history. I happily wait for your arrival, as I shall delight you with amazing tales regarding these sites, I shall present to you the ancient, medieval and modern Romania, and will take you to see truly amazing places. I will show you the country-side and cities of Romania, monuments, museums, buildings and last but not least, famous Romanian wine cellars. I will make you fall in love with Romania.


VictorHello! My name is Victor and I am a young professional, who graduated Tourism and Hospitality at the Copenhagen Business Academy. For the moment, I am a branch-manager in a multi-award winning restaurant in London. In 2014, I also got qualified in Personal Training and Fitness. My passion and love for health, sports and tourism made me join this team of young professionals that has a huge desire to offer the best quality of services in terms of medical tourism and I will be the one that’ll make sure you receive the most advantageous offers, in the best places. I will be delighted to show you that Romania has plenty of beautiful and wonderful places.

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