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Romania is a country which offers a wide array of solutions to people with dental problems, thanks to its highly qualified doctors, which continuously attend training and workshops in order to have the expertise and ability to work with the latest technology for implants and cosmetic dental surgery. Since Europe has very high prices for dental treatments, the UK being the most expensive, Romania was able to develop its dental tourism given that it offers high quality treatments at much affordable prices.

The country offers the possibility to treat dental problems fast and efficiently, while on vacation, visiting the country. The clinics offer large varieties of treatments, including implants, endodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, professional whitening, dental prosthetics, oral cancer screening, dental surgery and aesthetic surgery and provide online consultations of the received X-ray imaging and arrange the treatment in details, day by day, based on the problems and estimated necessary time to correct them, as well as including an estimation of the average costs.

The high quality of Romania’s dental treatments is becoming a worldwide-known brand more and more every day, since the dental clinics offer complex treatments especially during summer vacations, treatments that offer 10 years warranty, a free consultation at the end of the treatment and other special offers.

You can find more information about all of the services that we offer here.

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